Sunday, January 20, 2008


China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL; simplified Chinese: 中国政法大学; pinyin: Zhóngguó Zhèngfǎ Dàxué) is a university in Beijing, China. Its law school is considered one of the best in China. CUPL has two campuses, the original in Haidian and a newer campus near the Jundu Mountains in Changping, Beijing. The university's Haidian campus now hosts only postgraduate students. Undergraduates study at a much larger campus in Changping District, in the outer suburbs of Beijing. It is the largest institute in the world for legal education.
At present, CUPL comprises 12 schools, with 21,325 students and more than 1,400 faculty members, of whom 342 are professors and associate professors. CUPL maintains a broad international exchange program, with approximately 600 foreign students from 14 countries.

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