Sunday, September 27, 2009

Law college & Colleges and Universities Netherlands

Amsterdam Faculty of Education@
Amsterdam School of International Relations - Post-graduate institute offering academic degrees in international relations, international trade law, and European business law.
Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University (AMSU) - Offers summer courses in the arts, culture, and sciences for an international audience of artists, professionals, and academics.
Breda University of Professional Education@
Caribbean Medical University - CMU provides medical education and preparation for U.S., Canadian, and international students to pass USMLE and obtain licensure in the Unites States.
Christelijke Hogeschool Noord-Nederland - Providing higher vocational education.
Delft University of Technology@
Eindhoven University of Technology@
Erasmus University Rotterdam@
HES Rotterdam - Institute for higher economic education.
Het Gelders College
Hogeschool Enschede@
Hogeschool Rotterdam - Offers professional education with practical training at companies, schools, and various organisations in Holland or abroad as part of the curriculum.
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
IBS Forum Online - Official site of the International Business Studies in The Hague.
Ichthus Hogeschool - Five schools located in Rotterdam and The Hague offering undergraduate and graduate education in business, communication, management and legal studies, social work, and education.
Institute of Social Studies - Post-graduate school of policy-oriented development studies. ISS generates and transfers knowledge on human aspects of economic and social change, development, and transition.
International Institute for Asian Studies@
International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic, and Environmental Engineering@
King William I College - Koning Willem I College; in Dutch and English.
Koninklijk Instituut voor de Marine - Royal Netherlands Naval College.
Leiden University@
Nijenrode University - Offers a range of international management programmes for future and executive managers, including in-company programmes.
NIMBAS Graduate School of Management - Associate institute of the University of Bradford.
Open University of the Netherlands@
Regionaal Opleidingen Centrum (ROC) Twente Plus - Regio Almelo verzorgt Beroepsonderwijs en VolwassenenEducatie (BVE): dienstverlening en gezondheidszorg, economie, educatie, en techniek.
Royal Conservatory of Music and Dance@
Saba University School of Medicine - In the Netherlands Antilles.
Saint James School of Medicine - Offers fully accredited MD programme leading to licensure in the USA and Canada, basic science curriculum, clinical rotations in U.S. hospitals, and a special programme for high school graduates.
SARA - Academic Computing Services Amsterdam
Saxion Universities - Offering English language bachelor and masters programmes in business and technical fields for international students.
Tilburg University@
TRAIL Research School - Post-graduate Netherlands Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics.
TSM Business School
United Nations University - Institute for New Technologies (UNU/INTECH) - Conducts policy oriented research on the economic and social impacts of new technologies in the international economy, especially in relation to the developing countries.
Universiteit van Amsterdam@
University of Groningen@
University of Limburg at Maastricht@
University of Nijmegen@
University of Twente@
Utrecht University@
Van Hall Instituut - Professional education for environmental sciences, animal management, and agriculture in the north of the Netherlands.
Vrije Universiteit@
Wageningen Agricultural University@


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