Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Low Courses in Japan - Aoyama Gakuin University

Sincerity in everything from personal human relationships to involvement in international society is what brings about social justice.
The curriculum of the Department is comprised of attractive courses, focusing mainly on the Book of Major Laws, and perceptively grasps social trends. The Department boasts a variety of courses that cover the latest research or development, such as criminal policy and NPO Law, foreign law courses on American Law, EU Law, etc. and international courses on international trade law, etc. The diversification of the types of courses offered is high when compared to the faculties of law at other universities. During their first and second years, students will first take four entry level courses to study the fundamental essentials. In addition, they will mainly choose from several required electives courses that offer a high degree of freedom for students in terms of being able to learn according to their interests. In their second year, students will choose one out of six courses (General Law Course, Business Law and Practice Course, Public Administration and Politics Course, Legal Profession Course, Adjunct Legal Profession Course, and International Liaison Law Course) in light of their perceived future careers. During their third and fourth year, students will conduct in-depth research in their areas of specialty, mainly through seminars. The Department offers its own overseas short-term training program available in four countries. We also offer many courses offered in English for studying law. Students of Aoyama Law can thus enjoy a privileged educational environment. more details : http://study-japan.info