Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Graduate School of Law - Japan

In terms of both size and quality, Waseda University's Graduate School of Law may be said to be one of the leading graduate schools of law in all Japan. At present, it boasts more than 60 full-time faculty members; and if part-time lecturers are added to this figure, the total number of would exceed 130. There are more than 300 students studying for either a Master’s or a Doctoral degree. Its former students are now playing prominent roles in the academic and legal professions, as well as in global affairs.
The Graduate School of Law is organized into three fields of study: Private Law, Public Law, and Fundamental Legal Studies. In each field, a wide variety of courses are taught, and it may safely be said that their number exceeds that offered in any other graduate school of law in Japan. From 1994 onwards, special themes, together with a great number of courses related to these themes, have been established with a view to provide an opportunity for working citizens with a clear set of aims to reeducate themselves and aide in their research. more details : www.study-japan.info

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